Music from Shawn

The Morrison Project

Shawn’s debut recording, all about love, pain and heartache.

  1. What Were You Thinkin Shawn Morrison 5:33
  2. Wasted Time Shawn Morrison 3:37
  3. One Last Time Shawn Morrison 4:47
  4. Half The Way Shawn Morrison 5:08

All song’s written and composed by Shawn
Guitar solos composed by Brian Smith
Vocals: Shawn Morrison
Guitars: Shawn Morrison, Brian Smith
Bass, Drums, Keyboards: Brian Smith
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Smith
Recorded at Big Dave’s, Kingston NS

Mood Swings
Now available to buy, download and stream

How are we living? This album takes you on a journey of the trials and damages we are contributing to our planet, the grief of civilization and the apt timing of the uncertainty we live in.
Oh, but don’t worry, there is still time for love.

All song’s written and composed by Shawn
Shawn Morrison: Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Jared Pratt: Lead Guitar
Mic Suhonos: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass Guitar, and Drum Sequencing
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
by Mic Suhonos
Outlaw Music, Nictaux NS