Blood Stains

Ok, this is the last one before the full album comes out. This one explores the damage we’ve done, and are still do to our planet’s ecology. What can one person do to create change. Think I’ll sit for a while and decide.. what I’m afterAs I stare out into the nightSo many questions, so…

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The New Album from Shawn Morrison: Mood Swings
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Shawn Morrison is a singer/songwriter with a sometimes gritty, sometimes wonderful view of the world. His songs take you down a road with the love of your dreams to the current world of despair with, heartbreak, the destruction of our ecology, and the brutal and senseless treatment of society.


  1. What Were You Thinkin Shawn Morrison 5:33
  2. Wasted Time Shawn Morrison 3:37
  3. One Last Time Shawn Morrison 4:47
  4. Half The Way Shawn Morrison 5:08