The Upcoming New Album from Shawn Morrison: Mood Swings

Available September 2020

Shawn Morrison is a singer/songwriter with a sometimes gritty, sometimes wonderful view of the world. His songs take you down a road with the love of your dreams to the current world of despair with, heartbreak, the destruction of our ecology, and the brutal and senseless treatment of society.

  • Brand New
    This is a song that has been in the works for some time. Though well conceived, it was recorded last and has the feel I truly… Read More »Brand New
  • Hey there!
    I’m Shawn, and I appreciate you stopping in to my website. This is a collection of my original works, and some cover tunes.Please come back regularly… Read More »Hey there!


  1. What Were You Thinkin Shawn Morrison 5:33
  2. Wasted Time Shawn Morrison 3:37
  3. One Last Time Shawn Morrison 4:47
  4. Half The Way Shawn Morrison 5:08